Summer Tuna Bean Salad

A quick and easy tuna bean salad, a perfect summer side salad!I assembled this tuna bean salad really by opening every cupboard in my kitchen, going through every shelf in my pantry and rummaging around in my fridge. I saw the can of beans. In it went. Canned tuna! In. A handful of leftover arugula in the fridge. Come on in. A chunk of red onion. Welcome!

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June @ EXPO Milano 2015!

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Vindaye Poisson aka Fish Vindaloo is an easy fish recipe from the island of Mauritius!

Mauritian Vindaye Poisson

Vindaye poisson (or fish vindaloo) is a traditional dish from the island of Mauritius located in the Indian Sea near Madagascar. It's allegedly named after a derived form of vindaloo. The major component that makes this dish so delicious is the acidity coming from the vinegar. You can eat it hot served over cooked rice or accompanied by bread and a fresh carrot salad but it tastes even better the day after! Keep the vindaye in the fridge overnight. It's a great cold lunch or starter on a hot day as well. ... read more

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