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AUGUST 27, 2014

Chicken Liver Salad

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Grilled Polenta: with pine nuts, black olives and grated parmesan cheese...

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Cooking with Lavender

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Hi there and welcome to my foodie blog!

So what will you find here? This little blog is a collection of all my fondest home recipes. People regularly ask me what kind of cuisine I cook the most. Answer is always: a little bit of everything really. I love good old-fashioned recipes, everyday recipes everyone can make. Comfort food for instance! A steaming bowl of chicken curry, a classic spaghetti bolognese... Bring it on!

I travel a lot and wherever I go I always keep an eye open for new flavors and interesting local influences or ingredients I can take home with me. Asian aromas for example are my most favorite. My collection of Asian inspired recipes is growing daily. Other cuisines are also high on my list. I have a natural tendency to cook light and easy mediterranean inspired and flavored dishes with lots of fresh vegetables, olive oil and a healthy dash of pepper and salt. Italian cuisine is a great part of that too.

I cook daily - if I'm not abroad traveling that is. But even then I try to cook as well. Since a couple of years we have started renting apartments instead of hotels when we are away. So there's a kitchen I can use and if I see certain products I love now, I can really cook which makes it less frustrating for me! Last Christmas I was in Penang, Malaysia. At the local supermarket I found fresh banana flowers. I tasted banana flower salad before in Thailand 2 years ago (actually overdosed on it) but since then I haven't been able to find any - not surprisingly. But here I was in Penang, making my own banana salad at our rented apartment! And let me tell you: it was freaking delicious...

So every day I cook my heart out and I pour all this into good recipes I want to share with all of you. Been doing this for 4 years now I guess and I'm proud to tell you I have reached almost 700 of them!

I update my blog daily with some new recipe ideas.

Hope you like it!

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